My Portfolio

This page showcases my portfolio of web sites I have designed and built. I have been designing and coding web sites for more than 15 years. My first site was about my favourite television show, The Simpsons. Then called "Simpsons R Us," it has now evolved through dozens of designs and other changes to become Simpsons Crazy.

Over the years I have branched out and created many other web sites. These were often created as projects to increase my programming capabilities, but all were fun to do.

This page showcases some of my best work to date.

Epigram Online


In my final two years at University, I became webmaster for Epigram Online, the web site for the student newspaper. I inherited an already established site but felt it was necessary to spend time redesigning the site and improving the code base, in some cases rewriting large portions of the back end.

The newest webmaster for Epigram Online has changed and further improved several aspects but the basic design and layout remains.

Instant Song Lyrics

Instant Song Lyrics

I created this site mainly as a programming exercise in database design. It uses the PHP scripting language (with which I was already very familiar) and MySQL for the databases. The design has purposefully been kept simple to make lyrics easy to find and read.

I also used the site as an exercise to explore Google rankings (SEO). I tried to code the site such that keywords (the artist, the song title and words such as 'lyrics') were prominent in the page title, headings and META tags, without the pages being overpowered by them - on many sites you can see keywords repeated over and over. I also tried to get a lot of links pointing to the site, and used inter-page links effectively to increase the overall PageRank of the site and its pages.

The web site is currently in an archive state; I am working on a bigger and better replacement, which will incorporate user ratings, corrections and more extensive information and searching.

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After having learnt a lot of web design skills and tricks while running my Simpsons website, I felt like sharing this with a wider audience. I created this site as a valuable resource for budding webmasters, with tutorials on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP & MySQL and Graphics/Web Design. The emphasis is on learning, rather than handing out rigid, bloated scripts. There are scripts available, but these normally come with short tutorials on how they are written.

The first design I came up with was quite plain, but featured interesting graphics. However after a few months of neglect, I decided to redesign the site and add more tutorials.

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Funny Tab

Funny Tab

This is very much a hobby site. I am often sent emails from friends with funny pictures or jokes, so I decided to compile them into one site. The site utilizes PHP's built-in functions for dealing with files and directories. Images can also be viewed in a slideshow gallery using similar functionality.

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Simpsons sites

D'oheth, version 5 (home page)

In April 2004, I decided to merge my site with another popular site to become Simpsons Crazy, and later redesigned it from scratch.

More Simpsons design below.

Simpson Crazy new design


D'oheth, version 1 D'oheth, version 2 D'oheth, version 3 D'oheth, version 4 D'oheth, version 5

Unused/other designs

Unused 1 Unused 2 Unused 3 Unused 4 Unused 5 Design made for another Simpsons site