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PHP Contest Scoreboard

This full PHP script will let you run your own contests on your website. You can mark the answers quickly and easily, and keep a running total on the score board.
Last updated: October 15, 2007

The script is designed for multiple consecutive contests. Enter your question(s) to start the contest, wait for the entries to roll in, then mark the contest by clicking on the correct answers, or by entering keywords. The brand new admin interface makes all this a piece of cake!

Version 3.0 (38 KB)


  • Uses flat-file database (everything is stored in protected text files)
  • Admin interface/login
  • Any number of questions per contest
  • Contest entry form page generated from set questions
  • Users enter name/email combination on first contest which serves as their 'login' details for future contests
  • Mark entries by clicking correct answers, or by entering keywords
  • Mark entries without closing the contest - i.e. you can mark currently received entries and do the rest later
  • A leaderboard displays the users in order of total points
  • 'Inline display' option on contest form and leaderboard scripts for better site integration
  • Very lightweight and fast!
  • Licensed under GPL so it's free and open source



To show you how the script works, take a look at this demo:

  • Admin section
    Password is demo. In the admin section you can set up a new contest if one isn't running, or mark the current entries.
  • Contest entry form
    The form is auto-generated from the questions you set. This can be included inline with your site and styled to your preferences. Try submitting a few entries with different names and email addresses. Then go back to the admin section to mark them.
  • Leaderboard
    The leaderboard for the contest displays all users with their scores. Again, this can be included inline with your site and styled to your preferences.
  • The README
    Included here if you want to read the set up and maintenance process in more detail. Spoiler: it's very simple.


Donating (optional)

PHP Contest Scoreboard is free and open source. Nonetheless, donations are of course welcome! If you've found this script useful, please consider sparing a few dollars/pounds and donating by clicking the button below: